Companies of all sizes from SME’s to multinationals who export, need to ensure that they have a suitable export control compliance programme in place in order to manage their legal liabilities and exposure to risk.  Any product can be subject to export licensing depending on the circumstances and this includes scrutiny of the destination country, recipient and intended use.

This cost-effective and sought-after seminar gives focussed, practical and pragmatic information and guidance to allow you to confidently work with exports and instigate and manage an internal trade compliance programme.

In an ever changing and restless world the export of dual-use and military goods is becoming subject to ever tighter controls.    These controls can change very quickly which means that companies that are not aware of the law can quickly get into trouble.  Any company of any size can become involved in controlled exports.

Understanding the scope of the rules and how to work with them is essential to any trade compliance programme.   The rules only prevent the export of a small proportion of items.  Their main use is to enable exports in a controlled manner.

Using practical examples the seminar will explain

  • how and when export control compliance should be applied to your business processes
  • how export control can be integrated into your normal processes
  • the UK export licencing regulations
  • sanctions and embargoes
  • the structure of the UK combined control list
  • licence types SIEL, OIEL, OGEL and EU GEA their uses and constraints
  • how to apply for an export licence using SPIRE
  • how to obtain end-use opinions
  • the licencing of technology and intangibles
  • the brokering and trading regulations
  • how to deal with USA product content and USA extra-territorial controls
  • record keeping and documentation

No previous experience of export licencing and controls is required

What’s included:

Full copies of the slides are provided for future reference.  All delegates receive a Certificate of Attendance for their training records.

The course runs from 9.30am to approx. 12.30pm.  Continental breakfast is included (available from 8am).​

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Export Licencing Compliance & Controls Seminar

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8th Dec 2017 pm     London   £150.00

12th Jan 2018 pm    London   £150.00

1st Aug 2018 pm     London   £150.00

30th Nov 2018 pm  London   £150.00