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Career Pathway

Are you looking to begin a career in international customs and trade compliance and to rise to a prestigious role in Trade Compliance management?

Our established and industry recognised career pathway of practical qualifications, fully accredited by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) will allow you to demonstrate accomplishment in scarce but vital skills in the fast growing customs and international trade sector.


Qualifications in this sector are few and far between and ours bring you the added benefit of each qualification being targeted at the practical use of the knowledge and skills in the business setting rather than the academic setting.    You will quickly gain competitive advantage in your career and for your business as you will be able to apply the skills learned from day one.

In keeping with the practical focus our courses offer targeted learning, concentrating on what is needed without wasting your time or effort on peripheral, purely theoretical or academic learning.   This is why you can gain all of the knowledge in less than half the time that some other courses demand which makes our courses excellent value for money in a time-critical industry.

Each course builds on the knowledge gained in the other courses cumulatively arriving at the Diploma level.

The courses are also designed to cover a wide variety of industry sectors from food to high tech and everything in between which means that you gain exceptional depth and breadth of knowledge to bring to any business setting.

Our market leading courses give you industry recognised qualifications, recognised career progression and all the benefits of belonging to the premier membership organisation for the industry.

The courses are available via live, on-line classroom or face-to-face sessions.  Dates for public courses are on our Training Schedule; in-house courses are also offered.

The courses are suitable for people already in or wishing to move into the international logistics, customs, export, import, freight forwarding, customs broking, supply chain, and international trade control sectors.

Completing all four courses also covers all the technical elements of the EU Customs Training Curriculum for the Private Sector.

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Career Pathway Discount

Book all four of our Career Pathway courses in the same booking, with the courses being taken within 12 months of the date of the booking, and receive an exceptional 10% discount from the total cost.  

Funding an issue?  Check out the CILT Aspire Foundation to see if you meet their criteria for a free grant

The Career Pathway

Certificate of Customs Competency

Knowledge Level: Competent (CILT Level 3)

CPD Allocation: 28 hours (Structured)


Advanced Customs Practitioner

Knowledge Level: Practitioner (CILT Level 4)

CPD Allocation: 12 hours (Structured)


AEO Certified Practitioner

Knowledge Level: Practitioner  (CILT Level 4)

CPD Allocation: 22 hours (Structured)


Diploma in Practical Trade Compliance

Knowledge Level: Experienced Practitioner  (CILT Level 5)

CPD Allocation: 12 hours (Structured)​