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US Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism

​​​C-TPAT is a voluntary partnership between the US Customs and Border Protection agency (which is part of Homeland Security) and trade which is said to cover over 50% of all imports by value to the USA.  It is therefore vital that UK and other EU based exporters understand its importance and the implications for their companies as they establish trade links with US markets.

This exciting new course will explain the US C-TPAT programme’s security aims and place in the international supply chain.  It will also discuss the benefits offered to participants and the requirements of foreign C-TPAT validation.
5 Step Risk assessment, threat assessment, systems, third party audit, documentation and corrective action plans are all covered including how to produce a supply chain flow chart for each supply chain.
In addition the interaction with the EU AEO(S) and AEO(C) certification will be explained along with how Mutual Recognition Status (MRA) offers benefits to exporters and importers.
Attendees will gain the information required to allow them to understand what they need to do to work with a C-TPAT registered US importer and the implications, benefits and issues generated by C-TPAT for their own operations and supply chain arrangements.

This course is suitable for those at all levels of management, internal audit, operations and administration in Procurement, Sourcing, Finance, Quality Management, Security, Facilities Management, Customer Services, Retail, Sales, Shipping, Airfreight, Freight Agents, Logistics, Supply Chain and Export administration. 

The course is equally suitable for those engaged in large and small businesses.

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