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This course will guide delegates in the practical application of the requirements for obtaining Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) Security and Safety in the international supply chain – AEO(S) certification.
The course is given from an integrated, pragmatic and practical viewpoint rather than an academic and theoretical one.   The emphasis is on achieving the AEO(S) criteria in practical ways which suit individual businesses rather than in a ‘one size fits all’ methodology.   This approach avoids difficulties, delays and costly mistakes.   It will highlight the benefits to be gained and the pitfalls to be avoided.
It is suitable for anyone wishing to obtain an understanding of how to practically achieve the AEO(S) requirements and scope within their organisation.

Course content will include:

  • Overview of AEO and the Union Customs Code (UCC)
  • The Application and Approval Process
  • Risk and Threat Assessment
  • Security Plan, Measures and Instructions
  • Incident Reporting and Management
  • Dealing with special goods categories
  • Physical Boundaries
  • Access: people, vehicles and goods
  • Checks and recording results
  • Cargo Units, packing, tampering, loading, storage and stock
  • Incoming and outgoing goods
  • Selecting and managing Subcontractors
  • People
  • Communications and training
  • Systems and Data security
  • Benefits

Attendees will leave the course with a thorough understanding of how to successfully achieve and maintain AEO(S) status within their organisation.​

Full course notes (not just copies of the slides) are included along with a Certificate of Attendance.   Continental breakfast and lunch are also included.

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AEO (S) - Safety & Security