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The international movement of goods is the lifeblood of an economy.  Since the dawn of the internet and on-line sales the number of individuals and companies trading globally has increased beyond counting. 

Whilst some Customs Authorities are making strong efforts to adapt their processes and procedures to 21st Century trading many lack the resources and expertise to move forward.

To those new to international trade the effect is a bewildering array of unexpected difficulties, costs and delays.  Even those with some experience trip over new issues on a daily basis.  FREE grants are available for all our customs courses - application closes 31st May 2019 so hurry!   Details available here.

Uniquely our courses offer delegates the opportunity to understand the end to end process, and the link between physical goods movements and the fiscal requirements of the various Customs and Tax Authorities.  With understanding comes the opportunity to reduce and control costs, remove external delays, avoid fines and to create repeat orders by ensuring customer satisfaction.

In depth courses on points of special interest and benefit are also available.

Courses are continually updated to ensure the latest relevant changes to Customs and financial procedures are included.  The courses are designed to be relevant for a broad spectrum of sectors and industries.  Changes due to Brexit are also kept fully up to date.

To book a course please visit our training schedule or if you would like to discuss in-house training please contact us

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