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On 1st May 2016 all specialised customs procedures changed in line with the new Union Customs Code (UCC).  These procedures will become vital post EU Transition (1st January 2021) to enable duty free movement of goods between the EU and UK.

In these tough economic times can your company afford to lose out on the significant cost savings that your competitors enjoy?

What will be the impact on your company if you don’t act now to move on to Inward Processing or Outward Processing and therefore face paying import duty on EU goods?

The course covers Inward Processing (IP) or Inward Processing Relief (IPR) as it used to be known, and Outward Processing Relief (OPR).

Any company wishing to be authorised under these authorisations will have to either already be a certified AEO (C) or will have to prove that it works to AEO standards whilst not having yet achieved certification.

This essential course explains the new requirements and most importantly the new benefits and opportunities that as Inward Processing Authorisation will offer to companies sourcing components or raw materials from the EU or the rest of the world for further processing in the UK.    It also covers the use of Outward Processing Relief to allow goods to be processed or repaired in the EU or Rest of World and then returned to the UK duty free.

A detailed and practical guide will lead you through the maze options and show how the processed goods may be able to benefit from a significant reduction in import duty, agricultural levies, CAP charges and VAT when they are imported to the UK or re-exported.

This practical course is designed to equally benefit those who have already held IP, OPR or PCC authorisations and for those who have not previously taken advantage of the benefits that these special procedures offer.    

This detailed course will cover both Simplified and Pre-Authorised Processing options.   

The purpose, operation, benefits and opportunities for the reduction or complete removal of import duty, agricultural levies, CAP charges and VAT for both repairs and processing operations will be explained with examples in a clear and practical presentation. 

Topics will include:

  • acceptable processes
  • acceptable goods
  • compensating product
  • equivalence / standard exchange
  • linking Processing with other Special Procedures such as customs warehousing
  • bills of discharge
  • throughput periods
  • rates of yield
  • the economic test
  • waste and scrap
  • diversion to other customs regimes
  • transfer to other authorised traders
  • transfer to EU member states
  • documentation
  • penalties for non-compliance

Attendees will gain the knowledge required to allow them to understand the different elements of Processing, implement the procedure, audit requirements and how using this Customs procedure could benefit their business.  

This course is suitable for those at all levels of management, operations and administration in Procurement, Sourcing, Finance, Customer Services, Retail, Sales, Shipping, Airfreight, Freight Agents, Logistics, Supply Chain and Import or Export administration.  The course is equally suitable for those engaged in large and small businesses. ​

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Processing - The New IP, OPR & PCC