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If you are looking for a speaker for your conference or seminar we can offer you two outstanding and experienced speakers.

Both of our consultants are exceptionally experienced professionals renowned for their presentational skills and ability to engage with audiences even when speaking about the most technical and complex of topics as demonstrated by repeat bookings and delegate scores from UK and international conferences.

As with our general consultancy and training we regard it as our mission to ensure that whatever subject we may be speaking about is presented in practical ‘real world’ terms that are appreciated by audiences as the most beneficial and helpful.

We regard audience engagement as key to a successful presentation whilst it is often necessary to impart complex information, rules and regulations we understand how to keep the presentation interesting, how to include real, memorable examples drawn from our business experience and most of all how to include a little humour without appearing cynical and without subjecting any particular sector, industry or person to criticism or ridicule.

These are just some of the topics we speak about:

  • Quality Management
  • ISO implementation
  • AEO implementation
  • Business risk
  • Impact and importance of customs issues
  • Individual specialist topics such as Customs origin, valuation and tariff classification
  • Business Standards
  • Business Process
  • Compliance & Auditing
  • Import Duty & Tax
  • Export Control / Licencing
  • Global trade for small business /startups
  • Special Customs procedures such as IPR
  • Union Customs Code (UCC)

This list is just a starting point – if you have a specific topic or session for which you need a speaker or if you would like to explore what else we can talk about then please get in touch on +44(0) 784 1133027

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