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The Quality Manager's Guide to AEO

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You have achieved the core business standards for your organisation such as ISO 9001 and have now been tasked with achieving AEO accreditation – you have undertaken some research but you know nothing about Customs work - where do you start?

Don’t panic! We can help!

This practical training course will give you the knowledge and skills you need to succeed

Course content

  • What is AEO?

  • Background
    • Who gives the accreditation
    • Context & interaction with other countries
    • Effect on the supply chain
    • Customs (C), Security (S) or Full (F) – what is the difference and which should we be doing?   
    • Benefits

  • Scope
    • Which parts of my organisation will be affected?
    • Who needs to be involved?

  •  How other standards support your AEO effort

  • Requirements

  • Customs processes

  • The basic facts you need
    • What should my import/export/logistics/warehousing team be doing?
    • How do I know they are getting it right?
    • What records should there be?

  • Security
    • Physical
    • Data

  • Risk Management

  • Management of outsourced functions / processes

  • Competency

  • Evidence – what should I look for?

  • The Accreditation process

  • The questionnaire

  • The audit
    • What is the difference between a Customs audit and other external audits?
    • What will they look at?
    • Will they produce a report?
    • When will we know the result?


  • Cost

  • How long will it take?

  •  Maintaining accreditation