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AEO Consultancy

AEO is a business Standard but it is not structured in the way that those accustomed to business standards such as ISO9001 would expect.

The most misunderstood area of AEO compliance is the view that it is solely concerned with a company’s customs procedures.   This is not the case.   AEO is a holistic, risk based approach to corporate compliance covering all aspects of the business in question such as IT, HR, Finance, Facilities Management etc.

With the breadth of specialist skills and experience available at Morley Consulting we can offer practical guidance, help and leadership enabling companies to select the most efficient but least disruptive path to achieving and maintaining AEO Certification.  

We believe that solutions should be tailored to fit particular companies and their way of working rather than taking a one size fits all approach which tries to squeeze a company into some kind of standard plan.

We also offer the ultimate in flexibility with our services ranging from occasional remote guidance to full on-site project team leadership.

Gain global recognition for excellence in your international supplychain plus the competitive advantage that a successful AEO project brings to your business.    Don't miss out - we can help you to succeed!

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