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Process improvement presupposes that a business knows what its processes are and has chosen them deliberately. However most businesses start small and grow organically with their processes patched together to meet whatever the need was at the time. This inevitably leads to inefficiency, duplication a certain amount of chaos and often to a silo mentality, none of which is good for business and simply becomes an uncalculated cost of failure and a restraint on growth.  Worst still perhaps it also leads to ineffective controls which raises business risk levels to often hidden unacceptable levels exposing the organisation to accusations of fraud, illegality and damage to brand reputation.

 It can however be quiet simple to sort out with the right assistance.

Process improvement does not have to be complex or bureaucratic.  It does not need to involve large investments in specialist software or personnel.  It does require a sensible, pragmatic approach to identifying, documenting and reviewing an organisation’s processes in light of the organisations business needs.

Our highly experienced experts can help you to quickly achieve benefits which immediately improve the bottom line.

We can offer help with any aspect of your process improvement including:

·         Process discovery

·         Process analysis

·         Process documentation

·         Process mapping

·         Process review

·         Facilitation of process discussions and workshops

·         Process design & definition

·         Writing of process details

·         Process audit

·         Review of information flows

·         Process controls

As well as our on-site services we can also provide assistance off site / remotely.  Send us the process details in any format and we can produce a professional, usable process map, flowchart or document. We can review existing documentation, suggest improvements, identify gaps, risks and suggest pragmatic controls. Just let us know what you need, and if you are not sure we can facilitate a process workshop for you to help you to identify the direction you wish to take.
We can also help you to prepare and achieve business standards consistent with your organisational goals and customer requirements and ensure any processes and controls fully support and integrate with your standards programme.

We can also train your employees in all aspects of process improvement from analysis and review to workshop facilitation and audit – see our public training schedule or contact us to discuss on-site training.

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