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Working with CITES

This unique and popular training course is designed for anyone involved with raw materials or products covered by CITES (The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species).  The course gives an overview of the regulations and practical in-depth guidance on the day to day operation of CITES controls for all types and sizes of business from artisan SME to global luxury goods brand.
The requirements for trading in, the commercial use of and the international shipping (import, export and re-export) of items covered by the CITES convention will be explained in detail with practical tips and help from an experienced expert.  

Key Topics:

-  Species covered by the CITES Convention
-  Products covered by the CITES Convention
-  Export, Import and re-Export Procedures
-  Fees
-  How to apply for Permits
-  How to read and interpret Permits from other countries
-  The creation and use of Attestations within the EU
-  Timescales
-  Hand carry vs. freight
-  The operation of the CITES Personal Effects Derogation
-  How to create and manage a CITES compliance programme
-  Working with freight agents and Customs authorities
-  Keeping your customers compliant
-  Repair and replacement of product
-  Record Keeping
-  Penalties (Fines, Prosecution, Seizure and Destruction)
This training course is suitable for those in Luxury Retail, Antiques, Auction Houses, Freight Agents, Procurement, Sourcing, Finance, Trade Compliance, Customer Services, Shipping, Airfreight, Logistics and Import or Export administration.  

No previous experience is required.

This course does not cover the international movement of live specimens.

What’s included:

Full delegate notes (not just copies of the slides) are provided for future reference.  All delegates receive a Certificate of Attendance for their training records.

The course runs from 9.30am to approx. 4.30pm.  

Course Dates

31st Oct 2023      Virtual   £440.00+VAT

24th April 2024     Virtual  £440.00+VAT

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