Brexit - Customs Update Seminar

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Course Dates

12th Jan 2018 am     London     £150.00

1st Aug 2018 am       London     £150.00

30th Nov 2018 am    London     £150.00

This half day seminar brings together the latest news regarding changes to HMRC processes and procedures following the implementation of the Union Customs Code (UCC) and the BREXIT vote.

This seminar is an essential way, for those working in import & export, to keep up to date with HMRC facilitation work in the lead up to the actual date that Britain leaves the EU.

Progress on the UCC Transitional arrangements, alterations and allowances will also be detailed.

The changes to processes and procedures will be explained with discussion of the practical implications for business.  The way in which these changes present opportunities for UK business and the way that the procedures can be used to create competitive advantage will also be detailed.

News on the latest HMRC initiatives such as Customs Declaration Service (CDS) – the replacement for CHIEF and self assessment will also be included.​

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