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Course Dates

25th Jan 2024         Virtual            £440.00+VAT

21st Mar 2024        Virtual             £440.00+VAT

12th Sept 2024       Virtual            £440.00+VAT

7th Nov 2024          Virtual            £440.00+VAT

Origin & Preference - Gaining the Benefits

​​​​​Great News!  Now available via live virtual classroom.   

Delegates can ask questions either live or via chat and full course notes will be provided.
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Product origin in international trade has little to do with the country of despatch or even in some cases the country of manufacture but it does have a lot to do with how much import duty and VAT the importer has to pay and what goes on a product label.

Qualifying for the ‘right’ origin can bring significant reductions in the import duty and VAT payable at import which may be a significant factor post-Brexit!   It can also open the door to the use of the so called ‘Free Trade Agreements’ which not only bring the benefit of reduced import duty and tax but can open up markets that are not available to your competitors.

By controlling origin you can ensure you buy at the best price and capture market share by selling at the best price.

Origin can also be an issue with some countries banning the importation of products or setting excessively high import duties for products of a particular origin.   This is a nasty surprise that can be avoided with the right knowledge.

Origin is therefore a key element of global trade compliance.

This in depth customs training course covers:

  • What is origin in international trade
  • How to determine the origin of a product
  • Rules of origin - non-preference and preference
  • Documentation e.g. EUR1, ATR1, invoice statements
  • Certificates of Origin, their meaning and completion
  • How to assess the benefits
  • Processes required to obtain the duty and VAT reductions
  • Quotas
  • Legal requirements and issues
  • Record keeping
  • Generalised System of Preferences (GSP)
  • Free Trade Agreements
  • Anti-dumping duty
  • Registered Exporter Database  (REX)