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Brexit is changing the processes and procedures for import, export and shipments to and from the EU.   This essential course guides you through the changes and the opportunities they create.

Whatever your size of business if you are to take advantage of expanding, profitable, global opportunities, be that import or export, you need to know how to get your goods across borders avoiding problems, minimising interventions and at least cost.  

If you have only previously traded within the EU and want to understand the impact on your shipments of the UK leaving the EU this is an essential course for you.

For those used to intra EU shipments of goods this course explains the difference between intra EU goods movements and rest of world exports & imports.  Knowledge vital to companies post BREXIT.

The course is of critical importance for those intending to expand their business beyond the EU and for those wishing to understand the differences in trade with the EU post BREXIT.

Delegates leave with a practical understanding of the key elements that lead to a successful global movement of goods from outside the EU whatever the destination.

Our experienced trainer will show you how to avoid delays in customs and unexpected costs and fines. The link between a successful export and a smooth import process will also be explained.

Delegates are encouraged to ask questions.

The practical knowledge gained will allow delegates to make immediate use of their new skills to begin strategic planning for the future, resource alignment and process & procedure creation to ensure readiness to seize opportunities and to continue uninterrupted trading.

Our courses are continuously updated to take account of changes in best practice and legislation so you can be sure to get the best and most current advice from a trainer with years of practical business experience.
Key topics:

  • The EU model v. The Rest of the World Model
  • The business impact of World Trade Organisation (WTO) Rules
  • How to pay and calculate import duty and VAT
  • Deferment accounts and guarantees
  • Export documentation (Invoices, EUR1, ATR1, Certificate of Origin, Airwaybills, Bills of Lading etc.)
  • how to obtain an EORI number
  • incoterms®2020
  • how to read & check a customs entry (CHIEF/CDS)
  • export customs process
  • handling repairs and returns
  • how to select the correct tariff code (Commodity code)
  • how to gain benefit from economic origin
  • customs valuation
  • reporting and record keeping
  • explanation of technical terms and abbreviations
  • how to work effectively with suppliers, customers and freight agents
  • how to become and obtain the benefits of an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)

This training course offers real value for money as delegates learn how to prevent costly errors and delays, encouraging repeat business and opportunities for growth.

Delegates will gain a practical understanding of the impact that different choices in the operation of the supply chain will make to risk, cost, timescales and efficiency. 

What’s included:

Full delegate notes (not just copies of the slides) are provided for future reference.  All delegates receive a Certificate of Attendance for their training records.The course runs from 9.30am to approx. 4.30pm.  Continental breakfast and lunch are included.

Trading Across Post Brexit Borders