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​​​​If you do not see the course/location you would like please get in touch. To be the first to find out about new courses, dates and venues join our mailing list.

All courses include refreshments, lunch and full course notes except ½ day seminars which include refreshments and slides.

Delegates passing the Diploma in Practical Trade Compliance, Advanced Customs Practitioner, Certificate of Customs Competency or AEO Certified Practitioner receive a certificate of achievement from the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT). Delegates completing all other courses receive a Morley Consulting Certificate of Attendance.

You can book our training courses with confidence as we will always run our public courses if even one delegate has a confirmed booking.  





Cost per Delegate

​(Excl VAT)


22nd - 26th Nov5 days       Certificate of Customs Competency

22nd Nov1 day
       Customs in Action - Practical Compliance

23rd Nov1 day
       Customs Tariff Classification

24th Nov1 day
       Customs Valuation

25th Nov1 day
       Origin & Preference - Gaining The Benefits

26th Nov1 day
       Specialist Customs Procedures

7th - 10th Dec4 days       AEO Certified PractitionerVirtual
7th - 8th Dec2 days
       Understanding AEOVirtual


24th - 28th Jan 5 days         Certificate of Customs CompetencyVirtual£1950.00
24th Jan1 day         Customs in Action - Practical ComplianceVirtual£440.00
25th Jan1 day         Customs Tariff ClassificationVirtual£440.00
26th Jan1 day         Customs ValuationVirtual£440.00
27th Jan1 day         Origin & Preference - Gaining The BenefitsVirtual£440.00
28th Jan1 day         Specialist Customs ProceduresVirtual£440.00
8th - 11th Feb4 days         AEO Certified PractitionerVirtual£1750.00
8th - 9th Feb2 days         Understanding AEOVirtual£695.00
1st - 3rd Mar3 days         Advanced Customs PractitionerVirtual£1000.00
23rd - 25th Mar3 days         Diploma in Practical Trade ComplianceVirtual£1000.00
25th to 29th Apr5 days         Certificate of Customs CompetencyVirtual£1950.00Book Now
25th Apr1 day         Customs In Action - Practical ComplianceVirtual£440.00Book Now
26th Apr1 day         Customs Tariff ClassificationVirtual£440.00Book Now
27th Apr1 day         Customs ValuationVirtual£440.00Book Now
28th Apr1 day         Origin & Preference - Gaining the BenefitsVirtual£440.00Book Now
29th Apr1 day         Specialist Customs ProceduresVirtual£440.00Book Now
9th - 12th May4 days         AEO Certified PractitionerVirtual£1750.00Book Now
9th - 10th May2 days         Understanding AEOVirtual£695.00Book Now
27th Jun - 1st July5 days         Certificate of Customs CompetencyVirtual£1950,00Book Now
27th Jun1 day         Customs In Action - Practical ComplianceVirtual£440.00Book Now
28th Jun1 day         Customs Tariff ValuationVirtual£440.00Book Now
29th Jun1 day         Customs ValuationVirtual£440.00Book Now
30th Jun1 day         Origin & Preference  -  Gaining the BenefitsVirtual£440.00Book Now
1st July1 day         Specialist Customs ProceduresVirtual£440.00Book Now
12th - 15th July4 days         AEO Certified PractitionerVirtual£1750.00Book Now
12th - 13th July2 days         Understanding AEOVirtual£695.00Book Now
6th - 8th Sept3 days         Advanced Customs PractitionerVirtual£1000.00Book Now
20th - 22nd Sept3 days         Diploma in Practical Trade ComplianceVirtual£1000.00Book Now
10th - 14th Oct5 days         Certificate of Customs CompetencyVirtual£1950.00Book Now
10th Oct1 day         Customs In Action - Practical ComplianceVirtual£440.00Book Now
11th Oct1 day         Customs Tariff ClassificationVirtual£400.00Book Now
12th Oct1 day         Customs ValuationVirtual£440.00Book Now
13th Oct1 day         Origin & Preference - Gaining the BenefitsVirtual£440.00Book Now
14th Oct1 day         Specialist Customs ProceduresVirtual£400.00Book Now
7th - 10th Nov4 days         AEO certified PractitionerVirtual£1750.00Book Now
7th - 8th Nov2 days         Understanding AEOVirtual£695.00Book Now
23rd - 25th Nov3 days         Advanced Customs PractitionerVirtual£1000.00Book Now
30th Nov - 2nd Dec3 days         Diploma in Practical Trade ComplianceVirtual£1000.00Book Now