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Our series of free webinars are designed to give you important information, tips and guidance on aspects of moving goods internationally.  New webinars will be added regularly so check back often.

Let us know what topics you would like covered and we will try to include them.

What To Do If You Cannot Pay Your Import Duty And/Or VAT

Video coming soon

Covers measures in place to help businesses who are experiencing financial difficulties due to the current COVID-19 situation. Both those with duty deferment accounts due to be debited on 15th May and those who have cash deposit facilities.

Why ExWorks Gets You Into Trouble Internationally

This much miss-used Incoterm® 2020 contrary to popular belief gives exporters maximum liability and risk - find out why and and how to avoid problems.

Why Nothing is Worth Nothing

(And Everything is Worth Something!)

The value of goods crossing borders directly relates to how much duty you pay but importers have a legal liability to declare the value calculated according to Customs rules. We explain the basics of how this differs from your invoice total

To Insure or Not To Insure Goods In Transit

Wednesday 24th June 2020  1.30pm - 2pm

We discuss the impact of methods of transport, IncoTerms® 2020, legal liabilities and the likelihood of a successful claim.

This is a live webinar with time for you to ask our expert questions.  

Feel free to bring your lunch.

Never Confuse Origin With Geography 

Customs Origin is not a matter of geography but getting the right Origin gets importers serious discounts.  We discuss the difference between geographic origin and the origin for Customs.

Warehousing Crisis Discussed

LogisticsCompare hosted webinar

Avoiding The Headaches .... Of Working With A Freight Agent

Wednesday 10th June 2020  1.30pm - 2pm

What you need to know to work with Freight Agents and Fast Parcels Operators (Couriers) to ensure delay and trouble free exports and imports

This is a live webinar with time for you to ask our expert questions.  

Feel free to bring your lunch.

What is a Commodity Number / Tariff Code and Why Do You Need One?

Have you been asked for a tariff, HS or Commodity code and don't know what it is or where to get it from?  Our expert will explain.

So What's A Customs Entry?

From 1st January 2021 all shipments to and from Europe and the Rest of The World will need a Customs Entry.  We explain what this is, when and why it is used and what you need to know to ensure it is completed legally, on time and with the desired effect.

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What You Need To Know Before You Import or Export

Video coming soon

Key things you need to know to successfully and legally get your goods across borders

Applying For AEO Under Lockdown And Transition

We take a look at the emergency changes to the application process under Lockdown and also discuss the change to the application method under Brexit Transition

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The Impact Of The New UK Global Tariff 

The changes, impact for importers and why you still need to know the rules in order to decide which duty rate applies to you.