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In-house Training:

Practical and pragmatic training tailored to meet your particular requirements.

We are pleased to offer a variety of cost effective in-house training options for groups of two or more people:

  • We offer our full range of one or two day public courses but will tailor them to suit your particular industry and specific requirements.

  • We also offer bespoke courses which we will design to address your particular concerns or situations.  For example these courses can be in response to points raised by a Customs audit, an internal audit or an identified training need.

  • Courses can be held at your premises or an independent venue.

We are also pleased to offer training and mentoring on a one to one basis:

  • Training can be delivered in person at your premises or at an independent venue.  We pride ourselves on a friendly, practical approach that enhances the learning experience ensuring that the delegate does not feel intimidated and is able to make immediate use of the training given.

  • Training can be based on the course content of our one or two day public courses tailored to meet the needs of your particular industry or completely bespoke to suit your requirements.

Support options:

Remote support
We offer training and specialist support and advice by the hour via phone, Skype or email.  We can cover any element of your international trade, Customs, compliance, audit or Standards needs as a one off.    

We also offer a helpful service that can offer experienced expert on-call support to your in house team on a longer term basis.    Give your team the confidence to tackle any project, safe in the knowledge that they have the back up of experts available to help at any time.  

Contact us to discuss the options and packages available.

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