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This programme consists of five training courses designed to equip delegates with the specific skills and information they need to successfully manage, lead or participate in the implementation, achievement and maintenance of AEO Status within their organisation.


Each course covers a specific aspect of the requirements.


Courses are given from an integrated, pragmatic and practical viewpoint rather than an academic and theoretical one.   The emphasis is on avoiding difficulties, delays and costly mistakes and will highlight the benefits to be gained and the pitfalls to be avoided.


The five courses are offered as an integrated programme and if booked together attract a discount - dates & booking. 

If preferred the courses can be booked individually at full price (please see our full  course schedule for details).


The courses can be provided ‘in-house’ if desired. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and pricing.


1. Achieving AEO Status

2. Process, analysis, design and documentation

3. Customs tariff classification

4. Customs valuation

5. Establishing and conducting an internal audit programme


 Achieving AEO Status is the first course in the series, designed to introduce delegates to the concepts, scope and requirements necessary for successful achievement of AEO status. The emphasis is on practical, real-world solutions to the issues raised by the requirements.

This course should be completed before undertaking any of the other programme elements.


It is suggested that delegates take the courses in the order listed above but courses 2, 3, and 4 can be taken in a different order if necessary.


The need for processes and controls to be in place within an organisation is emphasised throughout the Customs requirements.   The Process, analysis, design and documentation course will help you to understand how to identify, analyse and document your processes in a simple, clear, quick and usable way so that they represent the least possible burden of bureaucratic red tape for your organisation whilst still meeting the requirements. 


Tariff classification and Customs Valuation underpin the regulations covering the movement of goods regardless of whether they move within the EU or further afield.    Customs specifically emphasise the need for demonstrable compliance in these two areas within the AEO regulations.   These two courses explain what is required, how to achieve compliance and how to use this knowledge to gain benefit for your organisation.  


Establishing and conducting an internal audit programme is intended to be the final course in the series underpinning the other elements.  Undertaking an internal audit programme not only ensures that your organisation is functioning as expected but also highlights areas that can be improved and prevents any nasty surprises arising during external audits.  It can also be useful as an internal training and awareness exercise for staff and provides an important internal control mechanism.  These types of internal review do not need to be costly, complex or time consuming.  This training will provide pragmatic methods which provide benefits to your organisation without tying it up in red tape.


Schedule & Booking:   

All Courses include refreshments, lunch and full course notes

Programme Cost: £1950.00                                                               Book Now




Title Autumn Programme Dates
Achieving AEO 9th November 2017
Process Analysis, Design & Documentation 10th November 2017
Customs Tariff Classification 21st November 2017
Customs Valuation 22nd November 2017 
Establishing & conducting an Internal Audit Programme 30th November 2017