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27th Jun 2024               Virtual            £440.00+VAT

3rd Oct 2024                 Virtual           £440.00+VAT

5th Dec 2024                 Virtual           £440.00+VAT

​​​​​Great News!  Our industry leading is now available via live virtual classroom.   

Delegates can ask questions either live or via chat, full course notes will be provided.

We look forward to welcoming you to our virtual classroom - book now to ensure your place!

​​​Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) certification is a vital part of the UK Government's strategy.  It brings global recognition for excellence and competitive advantage to AEO certified companies.

This practical and pragmatic course is taught by a trainer experienced in creating processes, procedures and other documentation across different sectors and in helping organisations of all types to successfully achieve AEO. 

The course includes:

Mapping and documenting processes for AEO

  • Simple no fuss guidance on how to meet the documentation requirements 
  • How to analyse a process or procedure
  • How to map and document processes
  • Structuring your documentation set
  • Work Instructions / Processes / Procedures / Policies

Identifying and closing gaps using practical and pragmatic solutions

  • Guidance and suggestions
  • Quick and easy fixes
  • Keeping solutions in context

The course includes practical exercises and personalised feedback.

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Mapping and Documenting Processes for AEO

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