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Introduction to Import                                                                                                   Duration: 1 Day
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A practical course examining the varied and interrelated elements involved in successful importing. Whether you are a small business undertaking your first import or a multinational corporation seeking to understand and improve your supply chain this course is for you. We will show you how to avoid delays in customs, unexpected costs and fines by making your imports as simple, painless and cost efficient as possible. The knowledge gained will allow delegates to return to the organisations and make immediate use of their new skills to improve their company's performance in this area.


Key topics:

- global import procedures

- documentation

- cost calculation

- the difference between EU and non-EU goods movements

- duty and VAT calculation and control

- customs requirements such as tariff classification, origin rules, valuation

- reporting and record keeping

- incoterms®2010

- working with suppliers and freight agents

- common technical terms and abbreviations will be explained.


Attendees will gain awareness of the key elements involved in importing goods along with an understanding of the impact that different choices in the operation of the supply chain will make to cost, timescales and efficiency.

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