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St George's Day Teasers

To celebrate St George's Day we have posed some teasers to get you thinking. No prizes just kudos for the best answers!

Teaser #1: This dragon may be harmless but can it pass the chemical test for imports?

Tip:  Consider the paint composition and the gold colour highlights

Teaser #2: Living, breathing hazardous cargo? Suitable Transport?

Tip: Consider both the packaging and mode of transport.  Are licences required? What precautions are required?

Teaser #3: Are dragons covered by CITES?

Tip: Which type of dragon are we talking about here? Species etc. is important  Are all dragons mythical?

Teaser #4: I'm a red dragon - does that qualify me for Welsh origin?

Tip: The rules of preferential and non preferential origin come into play - not all red dragons are Welsh! 

Teaser #5: Knights carry swords - does George need a licence to visit Georgia?

Tip: To start: which Georgia is he visiting? Georgia in the Caucasus region or the US state of Georgia .... or perhaps Georgia is his girlfriend!  It pays to be sure.  Next a deadly weapon needs thought - what rules need to be applied here? Licences? or is it a toy sword?