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Compliance & Process Training

An Introduction to Standards                                                                        1 Day
A practical overview of the most popular business standards.

ISAE 3402 and SSAE 16  - Controls at Service Organisations                    1 Day
A practical course looking at the requirements and process to implement
ISAE 3402 or SSAE 16.

Process Analysis, Design & Documentation                                                  1 Day
A straight forward, hands on guide to equip you with all you need to know to
successfully map and analyse processes.

Producing Process Maps with Visio                                                                 1 Day
A practical, to the point course achieving the best results in the shortest time.

Establishing & Conducting an Internal Audit Programme                          1 Day
Whether seeking to achieve greater business efficiency or prepare for external
audits this is the course for you. A clear, concise, no fuss approach to achieving

Internal Audit Team Members Training                                                          1 Day
Develop the skills to work confidently as part of your organisation’s internal audit
team to review internal controls, systems and processes

ISO 28001  - Security in the Supply Chain                                                            1 Day
A practical course introducing the requirements of this international standard.

The Quality Manager's Guide to AEO                                                                                             1 Day
Tasked with obtaining AEO accreditation? Know little about Customs? This course gives you
everything you need in one practical day with our experts.

Achieving AEO Status                                                                                                                  1 Day
The must have course for all those wishing to obtain AEO status for their company.
Pragmatic and practical our two expert trainers will help you to understand what 
you need to do to make achieving AEO as painless as possible.

Achieving AEO Status Training Programme                                                                   5 Days Courses
This programme consists of five training courses designed to equip delegates
with the specific skills and information they need to successfully manage, lead
 or participate in the implementation, achievement and maintenance of AEO
Status within their organisation.
Each course covers a specific aspect of the

Achieving Successful Customs Audits                                                                    1 Day
A valuable and important course for those responsible for or involved in Customs
audits of their business.
 Audit is used by Customs for risk assessment and the
higher your risk rating the fewer simplifications will be available to you. 
This course is a practical guide in how to successfully prepare for and manage the
audit process in a way that is beneficial to your company.

Data Protection                                                                                                         1 Day
A course to guide you through the requirements for data protection

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