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Import Export

What we can do for you

We are here to help and support you as you import and export regardless of whether as a sole trader this is your very first step into global trade or whether you are part of a multinational corporation seeking to improve its cost effectiveness or compliance.

We can explain global requirements, help you to select the right combination of customs procedures based on cost/benefit and guide and advise you through each step of the relevant requirements:-

  • Procedures
  • Regulations
  • Laws
  • Customs regulations (home use, IP, OPR, RGR, PCC, End-use etc.)
  • Cost calculations
  • Freight costs
  • Methods of transport (courier, air, sea ,road, rail, hand carry)
  • Forms
  • Inspections
  • Duty
  • VAT
  • Taxes
  • Responsibilities
  • Liabilities
  • Insurance
  • INCOterms
  • Contract terms
  • Export & import licencing
  • Customs Audits
  • BIS Audits
  • Working with freight agents

We specialize in providing pragmatic, realistic and highly practical advice and consultancy that links all the elements together. This ensures that you reap the benefits of opportunities rather than losing out to your competition or becoming stuck in a bewildering muddle of unexpected global procedures and taxes.

By attending our practical public or in house training courses delegates do not just gain knowledge and information, most importantly they gain the practical skills and insights needed to apply and use their new knowledge to the benefit of their business.

Why you might need help

Export and import are professional disciplines with intricate, interdependent rules and regulations.  Our practical consultancy and realistic advice can clear away the confusion for you, homing in on the things that are important for your company, product and customers.

Regulations and procedures are constantly changing and a successful business needs to keep up with the changes and look for business advantage within them.  We can help you assess what matters to you and the businesses (suppliers, customers) in your supply chain; making sure you don’t lose out or open up your business to costly delays and complications.

Audits from various government authorities are becoming more frequent as customs matters are changed from predominantly physical inspection of goods at ports to being mainly risk and intelligence based.   These audits are now holistic looking at all aspects of a business not just the customs areas and they are in depth.  Preparing well for an audit has never been more important and the application of penalties and fines is now much more rigorous than before.  

Very few supply chains can survive goods being ‘stuck in customs’ for any length of time and very few have sufficient margin in their pricing to happily absorb additional costs, import duty and unrecoverable tax.    Preparation and understanding is key to preventing such difficulties.

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