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Easter Teasers

To get in the mood for Easter have a look at our Easter brain teasers. No prizes just kudos for the best answers!

Teaser #1: If, as the song says tulips are from Amsterdam, what is their economic origin for Customs?!

Tip:  Where was the bulb grown? Where was the flower grown? They may not be the same!

Teaser #2: What would you say is the primary function of a chocolate teapot?

News story: here

Tip: Is it for containing tea? For eating? For decoration? or is it a novelty item?

Teaser #3: When might these be sanction busters?

Tip: Consider who are you sending them to and how will they pay?

Teaser #4: Is this a set for Customs purposes?

Tip: Consider - are these items for a single purpose or just packaged together?

Teaser #5: Would you tariff this as a toy, confectionary or something else?

Tip: You need to decide on the essential character

Teaser #6: How do you value a 2nd hand Easter bunny for Customs purposes?

Tip: What is the level of depreciation or have the increased in value as rare collectables? 

Teaser #7: Hot cross buns - bread or cake?

Tip: Is the yeast content important?