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Customs Valuation                                                                                                 Duration: 1 Day
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A detailed and practical guide to a discipline with a business wide cost impact.

This course is designed for those new to customs valuation and for those needing a greater understanding of the use and implications globally.  The course will cover the WTO Rules of Valuation, looking at different items and differing circumstances.   What items can and cannot be left out of a valuation build up for customs purposes will be highlighted e.g discounts, buying commission, royalties, tooling, transport and development costs.  Sample calculations and valuation statements for trade statistics, import duty and VAT will be discussed.   The implications, from a customs perspective of purchases and sales between related companies (transfer charging) and the ‘earlier or last sale principal’ will also be covered.


Attendees will gain the information required to allow them to understand how to arrive at a customs valuation and to understand the implications, benefits and issues of the value declared to customs.


This course is suitable for those at all levels of management, operations and administration in Procurement, Sourcing, Finance, Customer Services, Retail, Sales, Shipping, Airfreight, Freight Agents, Logistics, Supply Chain and Import or Export administration.  The course is equally suitable for those engaged in large and small businesses.

This course may be taken as a standalone course or as part of our Achieving AEO Programme.

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