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How we can help you

We are here to help and support you as your goods move through customs control regardless of whether as a sole trader this is your very first step into global trade or whether you are part of a multinational corporation seeking to improve compliance or gain AEO certification.

We can help you select the right combination of customs procedures to bring you the greatest cost benefit and guide and advise you through each step of the relevant requirements:-

We can help you to….. 

  • fill in customs forms
  • select an appropriate procedure (IP, PCC, OPR, End Use, RGR etc.)
  • make an application for a procedure such as IP
  • integrate the procedure into your existing processes / procedures with least fuss
  • calculate import duty and VAT / Tax
  • reclaim overpaid import duty and VAT
  • select a tariff or commodity code
  • understand and apply the GRI rules for tariff code selection
  • challenge a tariff code
  • apply for a BTI
  • calculate a value for customs purposes
  • understand the six methods of customs valuation and how to apply them
  • prepare for a customs audit
  • manage a customs audit
  • deal with the outcomes of a customs audit
  • mitigate requests for penalties etc.
  • produce intrastats, ESLs and link to VAT Return
  • work with a customs broker
  • work with a freight agent
  • complete customs import clearance instructions
  • complete Export Cargo Shipping Instructions
  • set up and manage a deferment account
  • understand and check a C79
  • integrate customs responsibilities with INCOterms
  • understand the role and liabilities of importer of record
  • understand the role and liabilities of exporter of record
  • successfully prepare and apply for AEO status
  • manage an AEO audit

These are just a few of the customs related areas where we can help. 

Our practical consultancy and realistic advice can put you on a clear path to success, homing in on the things that are important for your company, product and customers. 

Our highly experienced consultants provide practical advice and consultancy that links both the physical freight movement and the fiscal financial elements together. This allows you to be sure that you are not exposed to the risk of fines, penalties, unforeseen extra fees or delays.

We offer on-site or remote consultancy and advice.

By attending our practical training courses delegates do not just gain knowledge and information, most importantly they gain the practical skills and insights needed to apply and use their new knowledge to the benefit of their business.   Our friendly courses are available as public or in-house, standard or bespoke.

Why you might need help

The world of customs is undergoing a quiet, largely unpublicized revolution.  Completely new customs regulations will apply in the EU from May 2016 based on electronic submissions and risk based assessments.   Everyone who imports or exports will need to make changes to existing processes and IT systems and to understand the significant financial impact of the new regulations.

Traders, both large and small will have to cope with security assessments, risk based inspections, centralized processing and combined compliance audits as well as all the usual legal requirements for correct documentation, classification etc.  Under the new regulations failure to send in a form on time can make a trader liable for a fine.

It is therefore becoming not only helpful but essential to link physical and fiscal processes.  

Levels of knowledge and professionalism amongst those who daily deal with importing or exporting goods need to expand to meet the new environment and to ensure overall compliance for their companies.

New Standards such as AEO take a holistic view of organisations leaving no area of a business untouched by their requirements.  Not only are informed and knowledgeable employees essential to a prosperous, efficient and effective business in this new environment but the ability to demonstrate appropriate levels of skill and technical knowledge is now required.

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