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Business Standards

How we can help you

We can assist companies to achieve Business Standards and to meet regulatory requirements such as AEO, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO/IEC27001, ISO28000, ISO/IEC20000, SSAE16, ISAE3402 and Data Protection.

We offer a pragmatic, tailored approach that fits business needs rather than simply implementing over complex, bureaucratic, time consuming one size fits all solutions.  Your company is unique and your processes and controls should be too; this does not mean over complex but sensible, meaningful and above all workable. 

Whatever size your business is we can help you to identify the appropriate standard, meet the requirements and achieve a successful outcome.

Our practical training courses provide the skills you need in areas such as process mapping, documentation, internal audit and audit management. All training is available as public courses or if you have two or more delegates our in-house training is a very cost effective option.

If you need practical help we can analyse processes, produce process flowcharts and documentation, help you set up an internal audit programme or help you to manage your external audit.

Whether you need a little help and advice or a lot we can provide what you need in a cost effective, friendly and accessible way that suits your way of working.

Our specialist consultant/trainer has years of practical experience successfully implementing standards and regulations for companies in many sectors and industries. 

Why implement a business standard?

In today’s business environment companies need to take every opportunity to differentiate themselves from their competitors in order to successfully compete for increased customers and market share.

Businesses, especially those in the B2B market place, are seeing customers and shareholders demanding an ever increasing level of assurance in all areas of their relationships.  This in turn leads to a need to demonstrate acceptable levels and effectiveness of internal control.

Industry standards have therefore proliferated with different standards and government regulations for almost every area of business and industry sector.

Companies who successfully implement appropriate industry standards very often gain competitive advantage.  In addition relationships with existing and potential customers are made easier by reducing the need for protracted discussions and negotiations and reducing the need for repetitive documentation, audit and reporting for each individual customer.

Companies also benefit internally from reduced costs, mitigated risks, improved efficiency, greater productivity and increased visibility.   This gives the Directors greater clarity and control of their business.

Demonstrably meeting the requirements of government regulations by holding internationally recognised standards also eases the bureaucratic burden faced by many companies in the global market place, where the need is to deal with multiple governments and government agencies in the most efficient manner possible.

Compliance is key!

Modern business is all about taking calculated risks in order to gain market share etc.  However, it is also about demonstrating that your business is not a ‘risk’ in itself to the business and reputation of your customers, suppliers and partners.

Obtaining certification to applicable business standards is helpful and sometimes essential in this respect but maintaining compliance to the requirements of those standards and to general good business governance can be difficult.   Harder still is being able to demonstrate your compliance to third parties such as customers who employ people who are skilled in audit and analysis in order to protect their reputation.

Demonstrable compliance is also essential when the time comes for revalidation of your adherence to your chosen Business Standard.  Ensuring meaningful, valid evidence is available is key.  Losing accreditation is worse than never having it in the first place!  

We can help you prepare for this new risk averse world.   We can conduct the equivalent of an external audit to expose areas of strength and weakness such as process failure, record keeping and lack of communication.   

We can assist you by analysing your processes, producing suitable minimal documentation including flow charts, facilitating workshops and cross functional projects and working parties or by training and assisting your own people in these activities.

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