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How we can help your business

With years of practical experience of business reviews, Standards, process, control, supplier, customer and customs audits our consultants can provide you with whatever level of assistance and advice you need; whether it be a full audit programme managed and performed by our consultants, advice on preparing for audits or training for your audit manager or audit team members.

Our in house training is a very cost effective option if you have two or more delegates and is fully customisable for your organisation. If you prefer our training courses are also all available as part of our public schedule.

Why you need audit expertise

External audits are more and more prevalent with regulators and customers all looking to gain assurance of a business’s compliance with all of the diverse and changing demands and regulations of today’s business environment.

Additionally as an integral part of regulatory or Standards compliance, continuous improvement and audit readiness, internal business process reviews or internal audits need to take place regularly.   

If you are involved in import or export as part of your organisations international trade effort then you will need to be prepared for vigorous and frequent HMRC Customs audits.

Audits are often viewed with fear and trepidation but there is no reason for this to be the case.   With sufficient planning and preparation audits can be a helpful review which confirm good practice and highlight areas for improvement.

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